Reconstruction work at the Auersberg, takeover of family business, the residence with outbuildings, such as machine hall, barn, Workshop, garages and wooden halls

family estate

Residence and outbuildings

The farm

Conversion work on the Auerberg

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Many 30 years ago we took over this old farm in Wildflecken, on Auersberg. We started to renovate all the rooms, whether windows, doors, floor and the electrical system. It was cleaned, bricked, plastered, papered, laid floor and much more.

When, at some point, we are finished with the interior work, it continues with the courtyard, the garden and around the house. There is still a lot to do.

Barn for the cows was demolished Woodwork on the barn roof to the property

Neighbors and relatives, whether young or old, have proficiently helped to latten the barn and connect it to the house. The cowshed was demolished, rebuilt in the barn, supported the house and built a new apartment there.

In the new cowshed fit 7 to 8 cows which can move freely there. We always have 3 large cattle that are in the stable in winter and grazing in summer.

~ Roofer ~

Helpers wait for the next roof tiles Workers attach wooden slats on the roof

In beautiful weather, the roof was now fitted with the tiles, and then the next major action began. A new roof for the wooden hall next door because the firewood for the winter is stored there. The old tiles were removed, the hall got a new batten and then the roofers went back to work.

Everyone was thrilled because nobody had expected so much work. Unfortunately, you can only see that when all the bricks have been removed. Now everything is tight and stable again.

~ Workshop ~

Workshop under construction Workshop plastered and painted

Then it went on with the workshop, which also got new bricks, new windows, a beautiful painting and another door. On a farm, there are many machines that need daily maintenance, so you need a workshop.

You also have an impression of how winter was with us back then. Today there is still snow, but not so much, and for the kids that's great.

~ Holiday flats ~

Residential house for tourists with parking in the courtyard Home with parking in front of the door

The main building, today with two apartments, has been renovated, insulated and plastered. That's what it looked like a few years ago, and today it looks like that. The yard has been newly paved, and the whole house now has uniform, brown windows.

We also helped a lot with the paving work, that was quite a cross. You could say we have a bigger construction site every year, but that's how you stay in motion.

~ Garden work ~

Earth-handling in the garden by diligent helpers Two good friends pose for a photo in front of the home-made wall

And here is the construction site in the garden, where first a lot of soil must be overcome, and then thanks to hard-working helpers, united forces a wild garden wall sets. Since the sandstones were so heavy, we had to take a break more often.

Often it was terribly quiet, and then a joke was made and laughed again. Nobody needed muscle training that day anymore.

Seating in the garden under the gazebo Spring bloomer in the garden

There were pavement slabs laid and on this a beautiful rustic seating group set up. The side parts are for closing when it is a bit cooler, and the roof protects against too much sun or rain. In the garden you can grill, drink coffee or the children can play on the meadow.

The flower bed shines in a colorful splendor, unfortunately only in spring and summer, but the scent is unique. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet.

~ Pleasures ~

With the horses to the horses to Langenleiten Grandson pulls grandpa with the tug

Of course, we also have some free time on our farm, and we spend it around the house or in the countryside. We go on horse-drawn carriage rides, travel by tractor, drink a glass of wine with our dear holiday guests, or go on excursions with the family.

We visited the Franconian open-air museum, a flea market and made a small round trip with the train with our children.

~ Family and friends ~

With the steam engine on the way in Fladungen Birthday party in the attic

We drive to the Kreuzberg, the Wasserkuppe, with the grandchildren to the Klaushof Game Park in Bad Kissingen or to the Gersfeld Game Park. There are many possibilities to spend your time with us, but you should better find out for yourself.

In our attic, which we had converted into a party room at that time, we like to celebrate round birthdays or other small parties with family and friends. It is big enough and can accommodate about 80 people.