Reconstruction work at the Auersberg, takeover of family business, the residence with outbuildings, such as machine hall, barn, Workshop, garages and wooden halls.

- family estate -

Residence and outbuildings

The farm

Conversion work on the Auerberg

Before about 28 years, we have this farm in wild spots, acquired on Auerberg. We started and designed it as he pleases us. That meant for us to renovate, rebuild, rebuilding, painters, cleaning, and much more. What has become of it you can see some pictures.

Down in the house was the old cowshed Roof connection to the house

Neighbors and relatives, whether young or old, have faithfully helped to batten the barn and connect with the dwelling-house. In glorious weather now, the roof was scattered with equipped.

Workers on the roof make a break Workers attach wooden slats

Then the roof of the workshop was covered again. They also have an idea how the winter is here with us.

Repair workshop Room for craftsmen

Also in the house itself, a lot has changed. All rooms got a fresh coat of paint, new windows and new doors.

Front view was insulated Dream of home ownership

The main building was renovated, insulated and plastered. So it looks today. You can say we have every year a larger construction site.

~ Garden work and pleasure ~

Two good friends Painstaking manual work

And here is the site in the garden. Thanks to hard-working volunteers a wild garden wall is set, unfortunately, still not quite finished.

Carriage ride Grandson pulls Grandfather

In between we also have some free time, and we spend a lot around the house or in the countryside. We took carriage rides are traveling on a tractor, with the whole neighborhood Hutzelfeuer do, excursions with the family, and we celebrate.

Funny train journey A nice experience

E.g. this trip here to Fladungen, where we took the train a short tour, a flea market and the Franconian Open Air Museum visit.

Birthday celebration in the attic cake buffet

But also a milestone birthday is celebrated all great with the family and friends at home. Was specially designed for our new loft and now has space for about 80 people.

Clean air height Only flying is nicer

Or we go to the Cross Mountain (left) and on the water dome (right). There are many ways to sell to us at the time. But you better find out for yourself.