A popular excursion destination for hikers and nature lovers, with a vantage point from the summit cross over the Sacred Mount of Franconia to Wildflecken

Monastery Kreuzberg

Holy Mountain of the Franks

Viewpoint summit cross

Excursion area for hikers and nature lovers

Cross on the summit of Kreuzberg Station 12 and landmark of the Way of the Cross

The summit cross on the Kreuzberg, near the transmitter mast and the 3 Golgotha crosses, with a beautiful panoramic view far into the Franconian countryside, the Hessian Rhone, the Thuringia Forest and the Spessart.

From Kreuzberg Monastery, a tranquil Way of the Cross with 13 pictures chapels leads to the three stone Golgotha Crosses. These represent the 12th station of the Way of the Cross and are a landmark at Kreuzberg Monastery. Already since the Middle Ages there are processions on the Holy Mountain of the Franks.

~ Apostles of the Franks ~

To the cross on the highest point of the summit Holy Apostle of the Franks with Irish Cross

This staircase leads directly from the monastery Kreuzberg to the three crosses, where is also the 13th and 14th Station of the Way of the Cross. Incidentally, from Kreuzberg up to here there are 294 steps, you can of course recount. You may face a strenuous climb, but the view is simply gigantic.

St. Kilian, the apostle of the Franks, with the irises and the sword as a symbol of his martyrdom. He was allegedly born in Ireland in 640, travelled throughout Central Europe and is considered the patron saint of the Franconian region.

Restaurant with monastery brewery Outbuildings, accommodations and monastery chapel

Here is a view from the back of the buildings, including the monastery chapel, the monastery tavern, the monastery brewery, the farm building and several buildings with accommodation options. In the courtyard there are numerous table sets to drink a cool beer in a cozy atmosphere or something to eat.

The sacred mountain of the Franks is also the starting point for many hiking trails around the Kreuzberg, which are well signposted.

~ Brother Franz House ~

Built by Franciscans 1692 pilgrimage church Historically, listed building with exhibition

The monastery church, today's pilgrimage church, was built from 1681 to 1692 by Franciscans. Already in the early Middle Ages, processions of pilgrims and hikers moved to the Sacred Mountain of the Franks. Even today, 70 to 80 pilgrimages take place every year to Kreuzberg Abbey.

The brother Franz House includes an exhibition on "Francis of Assisi and God's Creation". This historic, listed building is one of the oldest buildings on Kreuzberg. It unites the element's exhibition - encounter - meditation and information under one roof.

~ Monastic Brewery ~

Prince room with guest rooms Serving in the courtyard in front of the monastery

A popular excursion destination in summer and winter is the Kreuzberg Monastery, the holy mountain of the Franks. Here you can expect an unforgettable stay, inexpensive meals, a cozy atmosphere and of course the world-famous monastery beer.

With up to 600000 visitors per year, Kreuzberg is the most visited destination in the Bavarian Rhone. 

Restaurant with hearty, homemade delicacies Playground with climbing frame and slide

In the mountain inn Elisäus, which has been run by the monastery for a few years, there are sweet or savory homemade delicacies. Its name is reminiscent of the Franciscan brother Elias, who worked in the monastery brewery as a master brewer for many years. The restaurant Elisäus is located directly behind the monastery Kreuzberg, only a few steps away from the monastery complex.

A playground at the monastery Kreuzberg, directly after the monastery, above the garden with climbing frame and slide.