Attractions and places of interest, sports and leisure activities, land excursion to Hesse's highest mountain and the Rhone with flying school, the mountain of fliers

Destination Wasserkuppe

Mountain of airmen

Places of interest and attractions

Sport and leisure possibilities

Information about the Rhone Airfield with take-off and landing areas for sailing and airplanes

The Rhone Information Center is located directly above the Wasserkuppe at the gliding airfield. It offers numerous tourists and vacationers extensive information all around the Rhone.

An airfield, with motor and gliders, do you fancy a sightseeing flight? On the highest mountain of the Rhone, the mountain of the fliers, the pilots of the skies cavort. The oldest flight school in the world was founded in 1924 on the Wasserkuppe.

~ Soaring Museum ~

Gliders of all kinds and their technical development Paragliding on the Wasserkuppe

The glider museum was built in 1987 and presents a 100-year history of the technical development of sailing and model flying.

If the wind is right, you can see para gliders hovering silently through the air and then gently landing again. It is beautiful to see them glide from all directions into the valley.

~ Radome ~

Documentation of the flight-sporting and military history of Wasserkuppe Masonry of basalt with Fuldaquelle

Nothing makes the Rhone as unmistakable as the radome on the Wasserkuppe. It is the landmark of the Rhone. At that time, it was used for airspace surveillance and today as a cultural monument with history.

The Fulda begins here at the Wasserkuppe in a masonry of basalt their journey, until they united with the Werra to the Weser and flows to the North Sea.

Hot air balloon in descent Ride in a gondola for 2 people through the forest

The hot air balloon flew too low and had to land between Wildflecken and Bad Brückenau. Try ballooning at dizzying heights. Breathtaking and refreshing, one step closer to heaven, enjoy the scenic surroundings with a balloon ride in the Rhone.

The witches' broom sweeps in a gondola with 2 people about 300 meters long route through the forest because the children will be amazed.

~ Aviator Memorial ~

Landmark of the Wasserkuppe for fallen field pilots Race on the toboggan run to the valley

At the flying monument on the Wasserkuppe you have a wonderful view over the hilltops and mountains of the Rhone. It was built in 1923 to commemorate the fallen pilots of the First World War. The foundation consists of basalt stones and a bronze eagle figure, it is a landmark for the entire Rhone.

On the double summer toboggan run you can go down into the valley at a speed of up to 40 km/h and up again with the drag lift.

Rails guided All Weather toboggan run Chairlift guided on rails

A big highlight on the Wasserkuppe is the Rhönbob, because this is an all-weather toboggan run and has sunshine in spring and summer.

The Wie-Li is a rail-guided chairlift with room for 4 to 6 people and is ready to go all summer and winter. It takes you back up to the Wasserkuppe mountain after a winding downhill run.

~ Hell slide ~

Free fall slide for children Hochseilgarten für Kinder und Erwachsene

Between Wie-Li and Witches broom there is a playground for the children with a hell slide in almost free fall. Some children need a lot of effort to slide down.

In the forest opposite, the children receive detailed instruction on how to climb close to the ground, up to challenging climbing elements up to 8 m in height. The youngest can climb from the age of 4, but only when accompanied by an adult, with precise instructions and a safety system.

~ Fairy tale meadow hut ~

Restaurant for tired hikers Paradiso-Lift, Abtsroda-Lift, Märchenwiesen-Lift, Panorama-Lift

Tired hikers can relax in the beautiful Fairy tale meadow hut and regain their strength with delicious food and drinks. For her physical well-being, here is well taken care of. The restaurant is open in summer as well as in winter.

There are ski lifts, cross-country ski runs, toboggan runs right next to the restaurant and, thanks to floodlights, you can ski right into the night.