The perfect furnished apartment for your holiday, to relax pure without car noise, in the middle of the Nature on the edge of the forest of the Auerberge

- Rental Apartment 1 on the Auershof -

Holiday Accommodation 1

Your perfect apartment for your vacation

Pure relaxation at the edge of the forest

Entrance hall with guest parking on the doorstep View of the courtyard with parking facilities

Here are a few views from the whole house with the two holiday apartments. Left the entrance door is for holiday apartment 1 with children's room, as described below. Right in the main house is the holiday Apartment 2, without children's room, 70sqm great.

Apartment 1 consists of a kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery, a large bathroom and balcony.

~ kitchen ~

Kitchenette maple Electrical appliances such as coffee maker, electric stove, microwave, etc. are available

Our kitchen has electric appliances: dishwasher, electric stove, refrigerator with freezer, microwave, bread slicer, radio, coffee machine, water cooker, egg cooker, hand mixer and toaster.

Seating for 5 people, for example, for a Healthy Breakfast well padded seating for longer stay

Below the picture of our comfortable seating, sufficient for 5 to 6 peopleSince you can calm even linger a little longer.

~ living room ~

Open plan living area, flooded with natural light Wall unit with TV, DVD and stereo

An open archway leads from the hallway into the living room. The picture shows a wall unit with TV and radio as well as a comfortable couch and chair for relaxing hours in the evening or during bad weather.

Living room for cozy hours Pull-out couch to sleep on

The living room leads into the kitchen (left), or out onto the large balcony (pictured right), with a seating area.

In sunny breakfast outside in nature Holiday feeling in quiet surroundings with green view

Finally, the rear facade of the house is insulated and plastered. Now you can also enjoy the view over Greene and enjoy the Bavarian Rhone on vacation. Regardless of what window they look, they always have a view of nature.

~ bedroom ~

Bedchamber with cot for child up to 3 years Sleep like a log

Here you can actually sleep in peace and when you wake up early, then they will only hear the lovely time researchers of birds and no traffic noise.

Of course, we also thought of the little ones, with a child's bed from 1 to 6 years.

Unpack your bags and make you feel at home Bedding is provided, of course

Left of the picture a wardrobe for your belongings. The beds are adapted to the season and of course, is the bedding made​​.

~ youth room ~

Playroom for children either small or big Be a dear greeting home

In the nursery there is a bed for the children or young people with little surprises to play, painting, crafts and lots of books to read.

Seating for the children to read something Order is the half-life, please give

The bed can be converted, if for example the children play or sit down comfortably to. On the right of the closet.

~ bathroom ~

Well-being and comfort Washing clothes, but not towels, which are made

The bathroom is our jewel. It is large and spacious with a shower, a nice big bath and recently also a washing machine.

Pure relaxation with a beautiful full bath Hot water pure, and let your soul

Here you can really relax and think of holidays in the beautiful Rhone, just like at home.

~ corridor ~

Storage for shoes Passage to the individual rooms and out into nature

Left the hall with a view from the courtyard into the living room, and right from the living room into the courtyard. Here we installed a door, otherwise it is pretty cold in winter.

Wardrobe and bench with storage More garaging facilities with drawers

The hall stand with a cozy, well-padded seat, and a shelf below the seat area. The entrance door to the bathroom is located on the right side.

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