Ski resorts in the franconian Rhoen with numerous ski lifts and many winter attractions such as runs, cross-country skiing, fun park, Exercise hanging and snowboarding.

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Ski lift Arnsberg

Ski resorts in the Franconian Rhoen

Base station at Arnsberg 1 Insight to the base station

Between wild spots and Bishop Home, a part of the Frankish Rhone, lies the ski resort Arnsberg. The ski lifts consist of a total of 3 lifts and 5 different runs of varying difficulty levels.

On the left is the children's lift and practice lift Start of the lift operation in snow cover closed

Of course is always the winter time a children's lift and practice lift, constructed in Oberweißenbrunn, for the little ones at the entrance Arnsberg 1. Only when snow closed the stations are opened.

Skiing fun from the mountain to the valley well-groomed slopes in the double lift Arnsberg 2

There are ideal conditions for every athlete, from beginner to professional, from skiers to snowboarders. Since the winter 2004/2005 there is even a snow gun.

Mass crowds at the box office Exit opportunities for the whole family

We have Gorgeous exit possibilities for the whole family. See for yourself, here's the hell going on. If technologies may gastronomy not missing, and there are in Arnsberg Utes snack shack, in Arnsberg lounges, and in the Lumumba-hut.

~ sugar field ~

Gersfeld/Obernhausen, below the water summit Ski area with floodlights

This ski lift is Gersfeld/Obernhausen below the water dome. It consists of a drag lift the Skiers (as you can see in the picture here), takes you from the valley station to the summit. Small and large ski bunnies, but also snowboarders can to 4 different runs, put her to the test Can. A floodlight system allows you to Ski and snowboarding until 22.00 clock.

~ simmelsberg ~

Ski lift leads to the summit and opens all departures Slalom slope at kuemmelhof with kiosk and mountain rescue station

The ski lifts at Simmelsberg offer 4 exit possibilities of varying difficulty. On the right you see the slalom slope and left of the picture the lift route. The Simmelsberg is still the system as small find, as they do not have to wait long for the departure. A ski hut, the so-called Simmel-mountain lodge, provides for your Creature Comforts.

~ red hang lift ~

Drag lift in Kreuzberg Slopes below the Kreuzberg

The left is the Rothanglift right of Kreuzberg, the inn in the foreground and red above the Rothanglift, the base station to the entry in the Kreuzberg lifts. Because of its excellent high altitude may still be snow up here, while down in the valley, everything is gone.

~ three fir lift ~

Base station is in Haselbach Ski and Snowboard Rental

The three-fir with lift valley station in Haselbach, with ski and snowboard rental is one of a total of four ski lifts of the ski lifts at the Kreuzberg and has a length of 1400m.

~ view lift ~

Elevator leading to the hilltop Hill at Bischofsheimer view

A third lift to the Kreuzberg is the eye lift. Here was one of the first ski lifts in Germany. This is driven by a diesel engine in the valley and leads to the summit on Bischofsheimer view, so view elevator up.

~ fishbreedinglift ~

The smallest below the Kreuzberg

And here they still see the fish lift. He reached above the three pine lift station, and he crosses the lower part of the gun tube exit. This has a length of 250m and is ideal for beginners and children.