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Ski lifts in the Rhone

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Ski lifts at Kreuzberg

Ski resorts in the Franconian Rhone

Valley station with children's lift and practice lift Start of the lift operation with closed snow cover

Between Wild spots and Bishop's center, a Franconian part of the Rhone, lies the ski resort Arnsberg. The ski lifts consist of a total of 3 ski lifts and 5 different runs of different difficulty levels.

Of course, a children's lift and practice lift, at the access Arnsberg 1 at Oberweißenbrunn, is always set up for the little ones during the winter season. Only when the snow cover is closed will the stations be opened.

Long descents on the Arnsberg to the valley Families with children at the ski lift Arnsberg

A winter paradise with ideal conditions for every athlete, from beginner to professional, from skier to snowboarder. Since winter 2004/2005 there is even a snow cannon! The runs are partly snowed and well groomed.

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in the Rhone. During the day you can ski on the slopes and trails or take a snowshoe hike in the High Rhone.

~ Arnsberg lifts ~

Crowd at the cash desk at the ski lifts Departures for the whole family

We have beautiful downhill possibilities for the whole family, and the selection of slopes around the Arnsberglifte is easy to moderate. You see, hell is going on here. Current information on snow conditions, weather conditions and winter sports opportunities at Arnsberg can be obtained by calling the snow telephone on 09772-277.

Of course, the gastronomy can not be missing, and they are available in the Arnsberg snack Utes booth, in the Arnsbergstüberl and in the Lumumba hut.

~ Sugar field ~

Gersfeld/Obernhausen, below the water summit Winter sports equipment in the form of a board for the winter

This ski lift is located at Gersfeld / Obernhausen below the Wasserkuppe. It consists of a ski lift that brings the skiers (as you can see in the picture) from the valley station to the summit.

Small and large ski bunnies, but also snowboarders, can prove their skills on 4 different downhills. A floodlight system allows skiing and snowboarding until 22.00 clock.

~ Simmelsberg ~

Slalom slope with overnight accommodation in Hanauer House Ski area Simmelsberg with view from the slope to the lift

The ski lifts at the Simmelsberg offer 4 downhill slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. On the right of the picture you can see the slalom slope with the Hanauer House and on the left of the picture the lift route.

The Simmelsberg is still a secret, as you do not have to wait long for the descent. A ski lodge, the so-called Simmelsberghütte, takes care of your physical well-being.

~ Red hang lift ~

T-bar lift at Kreuzberg Downhill runs below the Kreuzberg

The Rothanglift is its high altitude, one of the snowiest ski lifts. There are 3 runs with a length of 580 m to 890 m and easy to medium difficulty levels. Snow can still be up there, while in the valley everything is gone.

On the other side we see in the foreground the inn Roth, below the Kreuzberg parking lot, and above the Rothanglift, the valley station to the entrance to the Kreuzberg lifts.

~ Three fir lift ~

Lift with valley station in Haselbach Ski and snowboard rental on the Drei-Tannen-Alm

The Drei-Tannenlift with valley station in Haselbach, with ski rental and snowboard rental, was opened in 1964. It is one of a total of 4 lifts of the ski lifts on the Kreuzberg and has a length of 1400 m. This lift is located on the northeast slope of the Kreuzberg and has 4 easy to difficult runs.

Breathe crystal-clear mountain air in a wonderful winter location with beautiful sunshine and a bright blue sky.

~ View lift ~

Lift to the hilltop at Bischofsheimer view Hill at Bischofsheimer view

A third lift around the Kreuzberg is the view lift. It is the oldest ski lift in Germany, with a total length of 600 m. This is powered by a diesel engine in the valley station and leads up to the hilltop at Bischofsheimer look, so view lift.

The lift is located on the northern slope of the Kreuzberg and operates three runs with lengths of 620 to 940 meters and light to medium difficulty levels.

~ Fish farming lift ~

The smallest lift below the Kreuzberg Passenger transport via cable guide

And here you can still see the fish farm lift. You reach it above the Three Tannenlift station, and it leads over the lower part of the gunpowder downhill. This is particularly family friendly, it is said that grandma and grandpa have learned to ski.

It has a length of 250 m and is ideal for beginners, children, advanced and also snowboarders. For your physical well-being, the Drei-Tannen-Alm only 150 meters further.