Family vacation in the agricultural farm in the Bavarian Rhone in Wildflecken: Apartment Otto Karl and Heidrun Huefner, recovery in Wildflecken am Auerberg

Family holiday with children on our farm in the Bavarian Rhone

Family holidays on the farm

Apartment Otto Karl and Heidrun Huefner

Recovery in Wildflecken on Auerberg

Greet God in the Bavarian Rhone

Agricultural farm from the air perspective  House view with the two apartments

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The family Otto Karl and Heidrun Huefner, welcome you to our two apartments, in Wildflecken am Auersberg.
We wish you, and your loved ones, a relaxing family holiday in the Bavarian Rhone.

                                              Dach neu gedeckt   

Holidays on the Farm means to breathe fresh country air, pure nature for body, mind and soul. Children go on a discovery tour and experience exciting adventures in the great outdoors.

A combination of holiday and cure, in our wonderful healing nature, you can experience in nearby baths of the Rhone as e.g. Bad Kissingen, Bad Bocklet, Bad Brueckenau and also Bad Neustadt at the Saale.

In the Bavarian Rhone you will experience a breathtaking cultural landscape characterized by individual mountain massifs, moors, idyllic hiking trails and valleys. Worth seeing are ancient villages, pompous chapels and mysterious castles.

Around Bad Kissinger, Bad Brueckenau and Wildflecken, your holiday paradise, there are wonderful attractions.

Look forward to a family holiday with children, on our farm in the Bavarian Rhone in Wildflecken, with the Hüfner family. If you like hiking, the Kreuzberg, the water dome or one of the huts in the area is recommended! Take the time to explore this charming mountain, possibly by bike, mountain bike or on foot. Many paths lead from our small farm at the Auerberg through the forest to the next villages.

Walk to the biosphere center "House of the Black Mountains" in Oberbach, where you will receive numerous information about the emergence of the Rhone, the settlement history and the natural landscapes. Visit a viewing gallery of the Marie mine and learn a lot about the importance and degradation of barite.

Breathe fresh country air, walk through meadows and forests, experience small adventures with your children. Exciting excursion destinations, with the children in the game parks in the area with petting zoo, on a climbing frame or in the swimming pool.

Nature trips can be an unforgettable adventure for parents and children as they wander the countryside. They are also happy every day when children laugh, radiate and are happy.

Enjoy peace and relaxation, where children feel comfortable, have the parents really holiday. Come to our small farm to Wildflecken in Lower Franconia, at the edge of the forest of the Auersberge, in the charming Rhone. Family holidays with children, in a beautiful area, surrounded by lush pastures, meadows, forests and many animals.

Just the silence in the morning, where you will hear a lovely chirping of birds early in the morning. From the first day of your holiday, your holiday begins on the Auershof. Feel at home, let your mind wander, we look forward to seeing you.