The farmers courtyard and its management of fields, meadows and forests, hard work and living with farm owned farm animals, on an agricultural enterprise

Rural farmhouse

Agricultural operation


animals on the farm

We have been running this farm with about 20 ha since we took it over in 1990. This includes forests, meadows, fields and the farm building with many outbuildings.

Of course, we do not want to forget the animals that live on a farm and often take us to the limit.

~ House views ~

Building View in 1914 Change and new construction of individual parts of the building

This is our farm, which our parents and grandparents built many years ago. After the takeover we also tried to renew some things, such as individual roofs, the gable of the barn, the workshop facade, wooden halls, etc. We don't want to talk about the numerous interior works, and unfortunately we are still not finished.

After each project we first have to relax, unwind and recover for new tasks. Just leave everyday life behind.

~ Cowshed ~

Ruminants in the pasture Farm animals wait for food in the stable

Our cattle are on the pasture all summer long, where they have plenty of space to run and move around. They eat all day long, have plenty of water and are fed with grist. Before winter, they return to the stable and when they come out again in May and see the first grass, they are so happy and jump around wildly.

Family members, neighbors and friends always help us to drive the cattle on the meadow because sometimes it is also through the fence for joy.

~ Cattle farming ~

Cattle eat grist from the tub Cattle seek refuge in the shade of the trees

Here you can see 3 big cattle of 5, they have already made themselves magnificent. By the way, in the tub is shot because they are very hot on it, but also water can not be missing and that is available in a water barrel. A treat for the cattle is soaked bread and rolls because you are looking forward to crazy.

The little ones flee from the sun and look for a shady spot under the many trees on the whole meadow.

~ Pasture aisle ~

Fleck cattle with horns Cattle eat grass in the pasture all day long

This cow looks like a bull, has a unique pattern and very pointed horns. So take care when feeding! In the tub is ground grain, they like to eat. Once the sun burns very hot, then our cattle are looking under the many trees in the meadows, a shady shelter.

The little ones next door have to eat a lot of grass and ground crops to make them as strong as the big ones. All cattle are called Muckel, which is awesome and really practical. If you call one, everyone comes.

Beef is sleepy from grazing Cattle keep their tongue clean and chase away the flies

From morning to night, our cattle are on the field all day long, looking for lush grass, shade under the trees and of course water. They look tired because the sun is burning, and those with their tongues have just been eating a meal. You are especially happy about the milled grain because you are in a good mood.

In the warm summer months, flies on pasture can be an agony for cattle. They distribute the flies by putting them together very tightly, wagging their tail and licking their fur.

~ Sun protection ~

Shady cookies for cattle for lunch Bauer calls for the cattle and the roars back

From time to time they sit behind the balcony of the apartment 1, let it go really well. Hide from the sun and look for a shady spot for your afternoon rest. They have plenty of exercise, the water barrel is not far away, and they can eat grass all day long.

After work, the farmer drives the tractor to the small and large cattle to bring you a bucket full of delicious ground cereals. When he calls them, they start to roar loudly and run towards him quickly.

~ Slaughter house ~

Obsolete beef on the table for preparation Cutting the bovine into different parts

At that time we slaughtered every two to three years ourselves, but since the family has become smaller, a whole cow is far too much for us.

By the way, our cattle have a very tender meat, a good quality, as they go up in the dung. The feeding trough is simply adjusted to the height.

~ Asta and Donar ~

German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix Forest walk with our dog Donar

This is our dog Asta and on the right our dog Donar. Unfortunately, they both died in old age. As good guard dogs they took care of the farm and of course also of us, but above all the children.

The children stroked the dogs, played with them and were just happy when they came to the farm. They were allowed to do what they wanted with the dogs.

~ Minka and Maunz ~

Exchange of caresses between dog and cat Cat is sitting in the barn and waiting for the feeding

Our dog Donar and the cat Minka simply belonged together. She jumped on him, annoyed and scratched him and even slept with him in a hut. They just shook their heads. For three days she searched for him and called him when he had died, a picture of despair.

Recently we have a new cat named Maunz, still very anxious, careful and reserved. She is lazy, lying all day in the barn, and not a good mouser.

~ Falcons ~

Hawks offspring in the barn Bird of prey on the rain garbage pipe

Our falcons, who have positioned themselves well for a few photos, come to the Auershof every year to breed here.

Kestrels are birds of prey and prefer high breeding sites. Here it is a crevice in the rock under the barn roof. They feed on bats, voles, lizards and other insects.