The farmstead and its management of the fields, Meadows and forests, work and life in nature, with court own animals in a agricultural holding in the forest edge.

- Rural operation -

Agricultural operation


animals on the farm

We manage since summarizes 28 years, approximately 18ha. These include forests, meadows, fields and farm buildings with many outbuildings. Of course let's not forget the animals that often take us fully utilized.

Building View in 1914 Alteration and new construction of individual parts of the building

This is our yard, the constructions already our parents and grandparents many years ago. Also, we have tried to renew after the takeover some, such as individual roofs, the gable barn, workshop facade, wooden halls, etc. Among the many interior works, we want to talk not at all, and we are still not finished, unfortunately.

~ cattle farming ~

Ruminants on pasture Miniature breeds huddling in the stable

These are our cattle which have all summer over in the pasture and of course in the winter back in the barn. If they come out in May and see the first grass, they are so happy and jumping around wildly. Family members, neighbors and friends always help us when Alm uplift of cattle, because joy, it is also sometimes through the fence.

Milled grain for the feeding between Cattle seek shelter in the shade of trees

Here you can see the 5 major cattle from 2011, which have already made magnificent. In the tub is shot by the way, because they are very hot on it, but also water may not be missing and that there is in a barrel of water. The little ones escape from the sun and look for a shady spot under the trees.

In green pastures they eat all day The small cattle waiting for meal

Storage facilities for our animals, there is with us in the mountains, on every field in every nook and cranny. These still need a lot of grass and eat meal so that they are as strong as the big ones. All cattle are called Muckel, that's really handy. If you call one, come all.

Each cow is given a number So they keep themselves clean and chase away the flies

I think Muckel you do not like, otherwise they would not look so sad and stick out his tongue. That was fun, they look tired because the sun is burning, and the tongue has just eaten meal. To kill the flies, they wag the whole day with the tail.

You are looking for a shady spot under the balcony Cattle have seen the peasants and begin to call

Now and then they sit back under the balcony, let it go well really. Hide yourself from the sun and are looking for a shady spot for your siesta. But as soon as they meet her master, they begin to yell loudly and run off.

Every 2 to 3 years we slaughter a cow Breaking it down into different parts (roulades, roast, goulash, etc.)

And so about every 2 to 3 years, one must believe in it and is killed. Our cattle have a particularly tender meat, good quality, because they go in with high manure. The feed trough is easily adapted to the altitude.

~ pets of all kinds ~

Mixture of Shepherd and Rottweilers He guarded the plot and is a loyal playfellow

This dog in the picture above (Asta) was always a loyal friend. Unfortunately, he died of old age. All children who came to the farm could pet him and spoil. Also on our children, he has damn been paying attention.

Our dog Donar Best friend of man but totally playful

This is our current dog Donar, as you can see, a little tired. He is still very playful, which have this Labrador Red River as per se, and therefore need our full attention. All day long he wants to be busy and a lot to be petted.

Mixed breed cat is in the barn and on the go Hunting area is around the house

Top left of the picture you can see our old cat Minka and right she eats just a big fat mouse who meal. So a good mouse catcher you just need on a large farm, because of these small animals there really are a lot.

Donar and Minka, a heart and a soul The Odd Couple

Our dog Thor and the new cat (and Minka) belong together. The cat can make the dog what it wants. She jumps on top of him, angry and scratched him, and even sleeps with him in a hut. Since you just shakes his head.