Yield harvest through successful contributions of fruit, Cereals, fruits and vegetables, hay harvested for the farm own animals and wood processing for the cold season.

- Time for harvest -

Fruit, grain and hay harvest

harvest yield

Woodwork on the Auerberg

First there would be the hay harvest, because we need the hay in the cold season for our many cattle. We've got so about 3 weeks vacation and in that time we hope for nice weather, so we can make real hay.

Meadows are mowed Grass needs to dry for about 3 days

First of the meadows are mowed and turned the grass. This takes in glorious sunshine as the three days, until it is beautiful dry. In between, there must of course be turned over again and again.

Loading wagons with hay direction barn

Then it is done together and driven with a loader wagon into the barn. Now it is unloaded left (bottom of the image), and a fan upwards. Meanwhile, it goes with the tractor back to the meadow to fetch the Next load. Thanks to some diligent helpers, everything goes quickly out of hand and also a lot of fun.

Be high with the hay-blowers Including back pain

Now we would have there is the grain harvest. We order every year two fields, one with spring cereals and once with winter cereals. Here are a few nice pictures.

~ grain harvest ~

Cereal box of Wildflecken Straw as bedding for cattle in the barn

On our field from Wildflecken, is being threshed the grain with the combine harvester (which is soon ready for the museum). Then it is loaded on the trailer and drove home. If the straw is dry and this is fetched. We need the corn for our chickens, but primarily for our cattle (or not broken of course).

~ fruit harvesting ~

Windfalls of September Selection of the finest

Since we have many trees there are of course also lots of fruit, and that wants to be harvested. Sometimes it is this very funny, but all the trees we therefore do not turn around. We have about 50 cwt fruit, which we then take the fruit juice press house Soeder by Sand berg. As delicious juice, in all variations, he comes back to the farm.

Harvest of different apple varieties As big as Grown Ups

Is not that a beauty! They are very beautiful, tall and mostly crashing sour, but the juice tastes great. And now to the subject of wood. Bottom of the picture a piece of our forest was carried reforests that was really necessary. Here the issue of sustainability plays a major role.

~ woodworking ~

Felling forest stocks Wood sales to the State

Living in harmony with nature, that is: We use again a few young trees. But now we also need your own firewood for the cold season, and that is that way. It is not without reason: The Rough Rhone.

Woodworm Firewood for the stove

My husband is a real little woodworm. He fells trees, leaves them with a long wooden cars on the wood yard, splits the wood and makes it short. The wood comes in the shed, the bark mulch in the rock garden and the Sawdust in the chicken house.

Get the stick crushing

Our farm is a good use of everything, even the little stick with which the dog is playing grade.

There is a lot of work on a farm, and therefore we do repeatedly, holidays in the beautiful Rhone.