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What you see is a temporary solution for catering at Mountain house Rhone. Until the completion of the new building, the guests will be entertained in a marquee. The food is great, the portions are plentiful, and the innkeepers are very friendly.

When it is finished, probably at the end of November, there will be room for 120 people in the guest room. It is barrier-free and therefore also suitable for wheelchair users.

~Mountain house Rhone~

Beer tables and tent on the mountain house Rhone Construction mountain house Rhone on Farnsberg

There are numerous seats not only in the tent itself, but also outside on the terrace. When the weather is fine, you can sit under the many parasols and enjoy the magnificent view and the clear air of the Rhone.

The Berghaus Rhone has now been rebuilt and shines in new splendor.

     Farnsberg beer garden  Hiking tour mountain house Rhone

For digestion, we recommend a circular hiking trail from the Mountain house Rhone, past the basalt lake, the so-called inkwell, up the Farnsberg to the Wuerzburger Karl-Straub-Haus.

~ Natural playground ~

   Playground made of natural wood on the mountain house Rhone Wooden figures playground Farnsberg

In the new nature adventure worlds at Mountain house Rhone, children come very close to nature. For them there is a large natural playground up there with fruit husks that can be walked on, an environmental safe, the magic stone or a sun and basalt terrace.

For climbing and playing, there is also a lot of equipment and wooden figures for the little ones in the forest. Here they can let off steam to their heart's content all day long.

~ Wuerzburger House ~

Excursion destination restaurant Wuerzburger house View to the apartment Huefner in Wildflecken Am Auerberg 

Passing the exit to the Mountain house Rhone, you reach the Wuerzburger House. It was built in 1938 and is still a popular starting point for hikers of all kinds.

On a clear day you have a fantastic view up here, from the Farnsberg down into the valley to Wildflecken, on the other side to the big and small Auersberg to our holiday house, but also to the Wasserkuppe and to the Kreuzberg.

Restaurant with delicious dishes from the game  Playground with several playground equipment

Your physical well-being is cared for in this restaurant with a modern, classical equipment, for hikers and hut visitors. The menu includes hearty snacks and delicious local game dishes. Rest days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On the large children's playground, which is located next to the Wuerzburger House and is really very creative, the little ones can really let off steam.

~ Kissinger Hut ~

Chairlift in front of the Kissinger hut Restaurant and shelter of the Rhone club

The Kissinger hut lies high up on the summit of the Feuerberg, in the middle of the Rhone. You can park near the restaurant, or you can park a little further down and then walk through the forest to the hut.

Here is the mountain station of the only chairlift of the Rhone In the surrounding area there are numerous hiking trails, ski lifts, cross-country ski runs and attractive excursion destinations in all directions.

Hiking destination with a steep ascent to the Kissinger hut Restaurant with hearty snacks and soups

After a long ascent through the mountains and forests, warm meals or a hearty snack await you in a cosy restaurant. To warm you up, there are delicious soups, schnitzel, bratwurst, salads but also something sweet for dessert.

In the hut you can also celebrate, stay overnight or work for yourself. By the way, Monday is a day of rest.

~ Gemuendener Hut ~

Hiking hut on the Kreuzberg Rustic mountain hut in the Rhone

The Gemuendener hut is a mountain and hiking hut in a sunny location below Kreuzberg or above Bischofsheim. At the hut you get a cool Kreuzberg beer, a hearty home-style meal, smart snacks, coffee and cake, all freshly prepared.

After a hike or bicycle tour, the hut visitors can expect peace and comfort in a cosy atmosphere in the middle of nature.

Delicious home cooking and specialty coffees Beer garden and playground surrounded by nature

From the Gemuendener hut to Bischofsheim, it is about 5 km and to the monastery Kreuzberg about 15 minutes. Every year thousands of visitors come to the monastery Kreuzberg, the so-called holy mountain of the Franks.

At the Gemuendener hut there is a playground for the little ones in the middle of nature. The parents always have the children in sight.

~ Red Moor ~

Nature discovery center in the Hessian Rhone Trail through the Red Moor with information boards about nature and history

The NABU-HAUS is a nature experience centre and offers an insight into the fascinating world of the Red Moor with its beautiful fauna and flora. A circular path leads through the moor, some of which has also been converted into a plank walkway.

The Red Moor lies between Bischofsheim on the Rhone and the officially recognised climatic health resort of Wüstensachsen. It is the second-largest high moor of the Rhone, with great views into the wonderful nature. You can hike through the Red Moor yourself or book a guided tour of the moor.

Protection house with information about the history of the Red Moors Idyllic moor pond

Right at the entrance there is a reservoir and a hut for hikers. In this hut you will find information about the animals, plants, nature, origin and history of the Red Moor.

The Moor lake, also called Moor pond, is located at the entrance to the moor nature trail. This is a small reservoir for the renaturation of the Red Moor.

~ Black Moor ~

Info center nature reserve Black Moor Educational trail with 23 information boards on the moor

The Black Moor, the largest raised moor of the Bavarian Rhone, is a destination for excursions and a nature reserve with breathtaking scenery. It is located on the High Rhone street between Bischofsheim and Fladungen. Here you will find information about the largest Bavarian nature reserve in the Alps, the Long Rhone and the Black Moor.

23 information boards along the nature trail will provide you with information on the moor, forest conversion, peat moss, bog animals, moor birches, etc.

Relict of the Nazi era of the former Reich working camp Observation deck with all-round view of the moor

Directly at the entrance to the Black Moor, you can see a relic of the Nazi era, the Stone Gate of the former Rich Labor Camp. The boardwalk has a length of 2.2 km, and at the end of the loop you can once again enjoy a panoramic view of the observation tower over the moor.

You can walk the moor on your own or explore it with an official guide.

~ Pit Marie ~

View of the tunnel at Großen Auersberg History of mining

The "Grubs Marie" (Marie Pit), a viewing gallery between Wildflecken and Oberbach, is a meeting point for all visitors and locals who want to experience a piece of cultural history up close. It was opened in October 2000 and documents the history of the origin, mining and significance of barytes. It was also called the white gold of the Rhone.

For over 100 years this mineral was mined at the big Auersberg. Shortly after the closure, all tunnels and ventilation shafts were blown up.

Spring water from the gallery Barite as a contrast medium in X-rays

The main customer for the barite was the oil industry, which needed barite as a lubricant additive. Because of its high density, this mineral rock is added to radiation-resistant concrete. Barite is also used as a contrast agent in X-ray medicine, as an admixture to drilling mud and in glass production.