Fascinating hiking trails, land excursions and hiking tours with the family in the environment, to mysterious mountains, hilltops, huts and moors of the Bavarian Rhoen.

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Hiking tours with the family

Huts and moors

Exciting hiking trails in the area

~ Mountain house Rhone ~

Here I would like to introduce you to some destinations. Below the picture you see the mountain house Rhone. Here you can comfortably hiking and food.

Wandering is the miller's joy Menu for large portions

Not only internally but also externally, you will find plenty of seating, and in fine weather you can enjoy on the terrace with stunning views.

Hospitality in the fresh air Was also thought of the little ones

For the children there is a large playground where they can deal with.

~ Wurzburg house ~

Passing the exit for mountain house Rhone, one reaches the House of Wurzburg. It was built in 1938 and today is still a popular base for hikers of all kinds.

Beautifully located Look for water summit, to Kreuzberg, Wildflecken Auerberg

Up here we have beautiful weather for a beautiful view from Farnsberg down into the valley for game patches. On the other hand, looks you up to the big and small Auerberg, and of course you can also look for water summit and Kreuzberg.

For your Physical well-being is taken care of Relaxation for the parents

For your Physical well-being is provided in the restaurant and the kids come here, on the playground, not too short.

~ Kissinger hut ~

The Kissinger hut is located at the top of the Fire Mountain, located in the Rhone nature park. There are numerous hiking trails, ski lifts, trails and scenic attractions in the surrounding area.

The weather changes Hiking through the woods

Below to the left of a view of Kissinger's Cottage on the Kreuzberg. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy that day.  

A piece of the cloud closer Rest before the descent

After a long hike through the woods to wait here for you, hot meals or a heart a meal in a cozy guest room.

Comfortable eating and drinking Hiking destination reached

On the right of the ascent to the hut Kissinger. Monday is a rest day by the way.

The Gemundner hut is a hut hiking below the Kreuzberg district, or even above Bishop's home.

~ Gemundner hut ~

Hiking Hut well hidden Immersed in nature

Here every walker gets a cold beer, a hearty meal, you can find peace and comfort in the middle of nature.

Hidden in the dense green of the trees The village in the valley

After Bishop home is about 5 km and the Kreuzberg Monastery there are about 15 minutes. Every year on the Kreuzberg Monastery, known as Holy Mountain of the Franks, thousands of visitors.

~ Red and black moor ~

The Red moor lies between Bischofsheim in the Rhone and the state-approved health resort of Wuestensachsen. It is the second largest high moor of the Rhone with great views of the beautiful nature.

Hiking car park pile web

The House on Red moor, pictured left, is an information center and a restaurant with a large car park right outside the door. Through the marsh, the trail leads right in the picture, partly developed as a plank bridge.

Moor pond Information about the history of the Red Moore

At the entrance there is a reservoir, and the right of the picture you can see a shelter for hikers. In this cabin you will find information about the Red moor, its origin and its nature with the special flora and fauna.

A special nature reserve and tourist attraction is the Black moor, the largest raised bog in the Bavarian Rhone. It is up to the Highrhonestreet between Bishop and Fladungen home, so the triangle.

Pile web Climbing to be learned

Also, this has a 2.7 km long plank bridge, an information center and observation tower. You can walk through the bog on your own or go with an official guide.

Information board at the inlet Report about the moorland

Left of the picture you see the entrance to the Black moor and the right the Rhone-house information on the Black moor.