Professional emergency measures such as renovation work, thermal insulation, painting and plastering of the entire residential complex

Old and new building

Renovation and renovation work

thermal insulation

Stable at that time was in the main house View from the garden to the new apartment 1

Some House views from different perspectives do you see on this picture. To the left the old building at the Auersberg, where the cowshed was still, was now the apartment 1, suitable for a family holiday with children. To the right, a view from the rock garden over the courtyard to the main house is the apartment 2, also this lovingly furnished, for 2 persons.

~ entrance apartment 1 ~

Holiday paradise ready to move Front of the main building shines in new gloss

The Apartment 1 (shell), a little better to see here, then became a rented apartment, and can now be used as a holiday again. The main entrance on the far right leads to the Apartment 2, to your vacation paradise in the beautiful Rhone.

~ entrance apartment 2 ~

Welcome to your accommodation Straw bales for witches and pumpkins to the horror hour

The front view and a side is now insulated, plastered and has been given a new coat of paint. On special occasions, is decorated on the Auershof for Halloween, Christmas or Easter because especially enjoy the grandchildren, as well as holiday guests. 

Back of the house is finished insulated Renovation work completed

It took a long time, but now it's finally done. The framework is set, the insulation is at the house and on Monday, the painters come for plastering.
Now you can see how beautiful everything has become, the back front shines in new luster and the bright color at the house, shines already from afar. 

Late summer on the farm View from the meadow to the property

Impressive and beautiful, a view from the opposite forest to the Auershof. This picture was taken at the autumn time many years ago. You see, we are completely offside.

Nature has contributed a lot to the fact that our farm is hidden a little after so many years. Holidaymakers and holidaymakers feel very comfortable in our holiday house, because on the Auerberg you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Photographic illustration of the courtyard from above Round trip of a friend over the farm

With a helicopter and a glider, two beautiful aerial photographs were taken of the whole farm as far as the buildings were concerned. It is a good method to display a piece of land clearly and convincingly, simply because of the next construction measures.
A good old friend has done right in the photo this magnificent recording.

House prospectus apartment Family Huefner in Wildflecken