Employment and work on the large and small Auersberg in Wildflecken: Living on the Auershof, in the middle of a very rough, but wonderful idyllic landscape

Employment at the Auerberg

in the middle of a very rough, wonderful idyllic landscape

at the large and small Auerberg

in Wildflecken

Simmental cattle on the summer pasture Shady place for our cattle

~ Our cozy property ~

Between Fulda and Werra two nature parks, the Hessian Rhone and Bavarian Rhone raise. You will be impressed by many individual mountains and mountain ranges of volcanic origin. In the middle of this incredibly beautiful idyllic landscape lies the market town of Wildflecken, very close to nature and with numerous destinations (Wasserkuppe, Kreuzberg Monastery, Kissinger hut, several ski lifts and much more)  and if you want your holiday home on the Auerberg, with two completely newly furnished apartments.

Farm holidays, spend the whole day in the fresh air, dog and pet cat, watch the cattle, the children love it and still tell them a long time.

View from the street to both apartments Insulation of the entire house completed

~ Everyone needs a hobby ~

Our hobby is and remains the farm. We always have 8-10 cattle which are all summer on pasture, a dog, a cat and some chickens. Since we take the animals, and the related work, full of, we always do at home holiday, what we do, of course, very happy.

If you too would like to really relax again, then you've come to the right place, with a holiday in the beautiful Rhone. Far away from crowded places, watching with agriculture and animals, the farmer at work, or just relax and unwind and enjoy rest and quiet.

View from the forest to the farm on the Auersberge Auen landscape at the Sinn, habitat for animals and plants

~ Therefore we have built this page ~

We have set up two new apartments: Apartment 1, with a view into green consists of living room, bedroom, kitchen, youth room, a large balcony, bathroom, hall. Enjoy Apartment 2, rest and quiet has a large living room, bedroom, a very spacious kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

Both apartments have a 3-star classification by the DTV, which are always valid for 3 years. We have received three stars, as our holiday accommodations have a good comfort and an appealing overall impression.

These two Accommodation we would now offer all types of holidaymakers. It is a beautiful quiet area with many meadows and woodsIn Lower Franconia you live with nature in harmony and can hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, gliding and much more. Whether relaxed or active, here you can experience a recovery according to your wishes.

So make a holiday in the beautiful Rhone, we look forward to seeing you.